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About Us

Lawyers, Solicitors, Advocates, Attorneys, Legal Advisors, Legal Service providers in all fields of law.

Fylfot Group of Advocates is a law firm formed by a group of highly qualified lawyers for providing seamless legal services in all the fields of law under one roof with wide network. The group consists civil lawyers, criminal lawyers, taxation lawyers, family lawyers, IT lawyers, IPR lawyers to handle all types of cases under one roof. We provide quick solutions to all multi-jurisdictional legal problems through our highly qualified and experienced legal team. Simple and easy solutions to complex legal problems with consistency & quality of services are our main objective.

Our motto is to ensure foolproof litigation and legal services by proactive strategy with effective follow-up for quick and favorable decisions. Our team consists of highly qualified, dedicated, specialized Indian legal brains that can provide better, quick, effective legal services in all forms. We expertise in providing online legal services which includes online legal advice services, legal chatting services, online legal documentation and legal drafting services. Our group specializes in providing services of legal advice, litigation services, legal documentation services as per the specific needs of the clients. The main and important legal services being provided by us in India can be listed as under:

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